Prayer Lifeline

The Lifeline serves to communicate urgent and/or confidential prayer requests and answers to prayer. Anyone may initiate prayer by telephoning any member of the Lifeline, which is a circle of prayer…begin at any point with anyone …if the person you call on the list is not available, please call the next person until you are able to speak with someone, so the request may be attended to with timely care. When a prayer request is received by a Lifeline member, the request is passed along to the next person on the Lifeline, until all are contacted regarding the prayer request. Members of the Lifeline maintain a record of prayer requests and answers to prayer which serve as a memory tool and often a wonderful personal faith-builder. They seek to form the mind of Christ toward the persons in need of prayer. Requests are often for healings of bodies and spirits, resolution of conflicts, or management of circumstances.

Lifeline participants form a sacred covenant group and  adhere to the following disciplines:

  • Confidentiality – keeping whatever is shared within the confines of the Lifeline.
  • Affirmation – affording unconditional love.
  • Accessibility – giving specific time and attention to prayer support.

Anyone desiring to participate in its ongoing mission is welcome to become a member of the Lifeline.  Please contact the church office, 707-937-5441.

For prayer, please call one of the following:

Flora Gordon 937-5754
Debbie Turnbull 937-3406
JoAn Blackstone 937-2481
Sammie Rickon 937-0179
Pat Westfall 937-5570
Lois Leister 367-0805
Rosalie Scott 964-7433
Patricia Lacey 937-2592
Carol Loomis 375-4948
Katey O’Brien 937-4988 or 536-5855
Sylvia Cummings 937-4618
Kersti Stoen 937-6268
Yola Sharpe 937-6228
Gladys Boos 937-1370
all numbers are 707 area code

If you prefer, you may share your prayer request by email.  Please put in your subject line “Lifeline Prayer Request.” Note: For confidentiality reasons,  unless you use the link here, or make a specific request in your phone call, your prayer request will not be shared with church staff.