Women’s Bible Study

With Pat Westfall

The Women’s Bible Study meets every Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the church Library.  Most of the 12-14 women who meet on Tuesday mornings have been studying the Bible together under various teachers for over twenty years.  They love the scriptures and are hungry for insight and understanding.  They are open to hearing the Holy Spirit speak to them as they absorb God’s word and to letting Him adjust their thoughts and actions.  They ask great questions, wrestle honestly with hard concepts, politely listen to each other and respectfully disagree at times.  They all come from different backgrounds, but are united in their weekly pursuit of the wisdom and knowledge of God and His ways. They are mature servants of the Lord and full of amazing insights.  The discussion times are rich, exciting and have to end much too soon.

Over the last several years they have studied the books of Isaiah, Hebrews, I and II Peter and Jude, and this year have discovered the parables of Jesus, looking at them in new ways.  They will go on next to Ephesians, one of the four books of the Bible most responsible for forming the theology, faith and worldview of believers in Jesus for over 2000 years.

Their lessons include homework assignments, reading other references and commentaries, listening to thematically linked music, and looking at other creative expressions that enrich the lesson. Their hour together also includes prayer for each other and for needs in the community and congregation.

Pat Westfall, their present teacher, says, “It is an honor to teach and be taught by these ladies.  I love seeing them light up when touched by God’s word. Our amazement keeps growing as we see how incredible our God is and as we better understand what He has been doing on this earth. We are in awe at what the promised future holds, full of hope, and humbled by His gifts, love, and mercy.”