MPC Disaster Relief and Rebuilding.

“You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairers of the breach, the restorers of streets to dwell in” Isa. 58:12.
Katrina Relief.
Every year  since 1995 MPC organized a group of up to 20 people from other congregations on the Mendocino coast congregations to travel to Waveland Mississippi, to rebuild homes and lives of Hurricane Katrina victims. Waveland is the town where Katrina, one of the most devastating storms in the history of the United States made landfall. Entire neighborhoods were washed away by a massive wave surge from the Gulf, making thousands of families homeless. For five years this group rebuilt houses and lives for  groups of Mississippi families forgotten by the Media and American public. The great organization of pathfinder mission made the trips productive and inspiring for all who participated.
Haiti Relief
On January 12th. 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the already struggling nation of Haiti. In a matter of seconds the powerful quake leveled thousands of buildings, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, injured many thousands more, and left a million and a half homeless.

March 2010: The first responder from MPC was Vivian Daniel, a local nurse. She and a group of Mendocino coast nurses and doctors worked in ad hoc clinics as volunteers with the group Heart to Heart, International. To get an idea of the work that Vivian did, you can read excerpts from her daily email communications here.
April 2010 John Turnbull (MPC) and Doug Moyer (Pastor Comptche Church) joined Samaratan’s Purse in Haiti to build shelters for the homeless families in Leoganne (The epicenter).
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November 2010
MPC organized a team from Mendocino and Comptche to return to Haiti with “Thirst no more”
The project was to build an orphanage in Petionville where the orphans were still living in tents.The project used a special block that is earthquake resistant ,made in Haiti with Clay and cement . This block has a special design so that it interlocks.
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March 2011.
Japan was hit with a major earthquake of 9.0 magnitude which caused a huge tsunami. Creating massive devastation in Japan ..but also send a wave across the Pacific. In Crescent City California the wave created major damage to the harbor. MPC Disaster relief chaplain John Turnbull and Chaplain Pastor Doug Moyer were requested by Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to  go to Crescent City to counsel the local fishermen and general community. The Coast Guard also requested they circulate updated news to curtail the incorrect rumors circulating and creating anger with the local fishermen.This was a unique occasion when a Government agency advertised a Christian ministry on their website .
April 2011
MPC organized a group from Mendocino, Fort Bragg and Comptche to return to Haiti with “Thirst no more”. After the November 2010 trip a local Welder/machinist Matt Yager designed and made a Rock crusher to be used in Haiti to help clear and recycle rubble. The 200 lb machine was disassembled and placed in 5 suitcases for transportation and reassembled in Haiti. The project this trip was to build a house near Port au Prince and train Haitian workers so they could complete it and to start the building of a medical clinic in Ganthier near the Dominican Republic border. The foundations were laid out for four buildings and Haitian workers were trained in the building process using the special design blocks made in Haiti. The foundation floor of the first clinic was built to 6 courses of walls. A water well was also drilled by a Mennonite mission team.
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August 2011
MPC’s John Turnbull and Pastor Doug Moyer of Comptche travelled to Haiti to work with Charley Elgin of Pathfinder missions to build the first stage of an orphanage in Jacmel Haiti for 20 children and 5 caregivers.(Children’s hope is sponsored by Montgomery AL First Baptist church) and Charley Elgin is the construction co-odenator.The Project was converting shipping containers into Dorms, Kitchen and bathrooms. The concrete pads were built with local workers. Due to the excessive heat a member of MPC Paul Douglas designed roof trusses , The Haitians were trained how to construct these and install. A well had been drilled to 175 feet and John and Doug installed the pump and dug trenching for water line installation. The pump and electric cable (180 feet) were donated by Superior pump a local pump installer.The pump ,fittings and electric cable were transported in suitcases. The deadline of October 1st to house the Orphans was met.
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September 2011
The March earthquake and tsunami devastated the North East coast of Japan , killing 20,000 people (4500 are still missing) and making 300,000 homeless. Samaratan’s Purse requested MPC disaster relief chaplain John Turnbull to go to Japan to be chaplain and work with a team of Californian carpenters. The project was to rebuild the first floor of houses that were damaged by the Tsunami. These were the houses behind the many that were washed away. The city was Ishinamaki near Sendai. Carpenters followed the Mud out teams  who had gutted the houses to the framework and treated them for mold. The floors were insulated and replaced , walls and ceilings were insulated and replaced. Debriefing each evening was imperative due to the horror stories the homeowners had experienced and the devastation surrounding the work teams.
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December 2011
Charley from Pathfinder Ministries was in Haiti to complete phase one of the orphanage but due to some armed robberies on missionaries he had no volunteers. What was required was to make templates of the last trusses required for the complex so that Haitians and volunteers in January could continue. John Turnbull and Pastor Doug Moyer from Comptche flew to Haiti to help. Because of the security problems they stayed at a secure Haitian hotel and travelled only in daylight hours.The project was completed before they left.tbe with families for Christmas.
They enjoyed this trip very much as the children were on Christmas vacation and were around all the time .John made  soccer goals from leftover PVC pipe and this was  highlight for the Children. The directors for Children’s hope from Alabama went and distributed Christmas gifts for the orphans as well as telling the Christmas story.
December 2011
“You make em we take em” ministry
Ladies of MPC and their friends make dresses for the orphans..these are made from bright colored cotton and are simple design. The girls love these dresses and they are perfect for the Hot climate..Also some members have donated tee shirts for the boys . The “You Make Em we Take Em” ministry has now included Sock puppets from Calvary Chapel Fort Bragg.