Wedding Counseling

We believe that marriage is a lifelong commitment, and we desire to see that all those who are married at MPC have a good beginning. It is our policy for all couples who are married here to have a minimum of three sessions of pre-marital counseling. The counseling may be arranged with the pastor of MPC or a pastor or professional counselor in your area. If the pre-marital counseling is conducted by an individual other than the pastor of MPC, a letter of confirmation from the counselor is required and should be addressed to the wedding coordinator two weeks prior to the ceremony. Prior to the wedding service, if counseling has not been received from the MPC pastor, and the MPC pastor will be conducting the service, it is important that the couple schedule a time to meet with the pastor. This helps in the general atmosphere of the wedding day and is important in establishing a relationship with the pastor, so that the ceremony will be personal and comfortable for everyone involved.