For more than one hundred and fifty years this congregation has worshipped God and served the needs of Mendocino and the world beyond.  Those of us who are now part of this family of faith are young and old, seekers and saints, liberals and conservatives, evangelicals and charismatics –about as diverse a collection of folks as you’re likely to find anywhere!  We share a conviction that God’s love is at the heart of all reality, the glue that holds everything together, and we believe that we have been embraced by that love through Jesus Christ.  We are definitely not perfect; far from it.  But we are forgiven, and slowly but surely God’s Spirit is empowering us to love one another and to be agents of reconciliation and peace in our community.

We invite you to become part of the adventure!  The Mendocino Presbyterian Church is small enough that you’ll have a hard time getting to your pew without a hug, and large enough to have many opportunities for worship, education, fellowship, and service.  Wherever you might be on your spiritual journey, we welcome you to join us.